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Orchard Photos, May 2014



With a touch of rain and lots of sun, spring’s bloom is now a thing of the past. Now we wait patiently for this summer’s harvest. It’s difficult at times to contain our enthusiasm for the arrival of this year's Orondo Ruby cherries!


Meet Joel Reed, Orchardist

Growing up on a grain and cattle farm in Davenport, WA, Joel Reed always knew that he wanted to be a farmer. In 1994, with an Agricultural Economics degree from Washington State University to his name, Joel and his soon-to-be wife moved to the Wenatchee Valley. A year later, Joel found himself in the position of Orchard Manager for Clennon Orchards - a position he still holds today.

For Joel, a typical day in the orchard means getting up early to get the crew going, checking in at the office and from there, that’s about as typical as it gets. Running an orchard is exciting, as Joel very well knows, because each day is different - always something new, always something interesting.

Being a part of the fruit growing community in Wenatchee Valley is a humbling experience, as there is always an opportunity to learn from other growers in the area. The continual pursuit of his own growth also found Joel graduating from the MBA program at the WSU Extension in the Tri Cities.

It’s not all fruit, studying and work for Joel. He loves spending time with his wife and two girls, skiing in the winter and hiking in the summer. As Joel and his family know, Wenatchee is great for growing fruit and for playing in the outdoors - it’s a great place to call home.

This summer, if you’ve had the opportunity to enjoy our delicious Orondo Ruby cherries, Joel Reed played a large part bringing them to your table. From Joel and the rest of the Orondo Ruby family, we wish you all the very best during this summer season. Enjoy!



Orchard Photos, July 2013


Here are a few photos from a recent trip to the Wenatchee Orchard where we're busy wrapping up another great season. Such a beautiful place!