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Orchard Photos, May 2014



With a touch of rain and lots of sun, spring’s bloom is now a thing of the past. Now we wait patiently for this summer’s harvest. It’s difficult at times to contain our enthusiasm for the arrival of this year's Orondo Ruby cherries!


Update from the Orchard (April)

It’s spring, and the annual explosion of white cherry blossoms has arrived. While we’re keeping our eye on the potential for some late season frost, this year’s bloom is right on time. Alongside a doubling of production, we’re very excited to bring you the crisp and bright flavors of this year’s Orondo Rubies.

This time of year, our Orchard Managers temper our enthusiasm by reminding us that we have about 60 to 70 days after the spring bloom for the first cherries to grace our kitchen tables. To say we’re excited about a mid to late June harvest is an understatement!

The Wenatchee Valley is as beautiful as it is exciting right now. From pollinating bees, to people prepping for the coming harvest, the orchards are bustling with activity.

Cheers to spring, warmer temperatures, and the upcoming family picnics loaded with Orondo Ruby cherries!