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Update from the Orchard (June)


The Wenatchee Valley is continuing to deliver excellent growing conditions for our Orondo Ruby cherries. With our first harvest expected in the next week, the orchards are exploding with sun-soaked cherries and a collective energy that marks the pending arrival of  the 2013 Orondo Ruby season.

As we enter the home stretch, we’re doing everything we can to protect the cherries on the trees. Whether its having helicopters on standby to blow away any rain or “shoo-ing” the birds away so they don’t nibble at the cherries (They would be more welcome if they ate an entire cherry, rather than one bite out of multiple cherries!), all attention is focused on bringing you the highest quality cherries available.

With all hands on deck, we’re really close to another great season of sweet, vibrant Orondo Rubies. Stay tuned for more updates from the orchard including where you can pick up some of your own. The wait is almost over!



Update from the Orchard (May)

With the symbolic arrival of spring’s beautiful white cherry blossoms, we begin the countdown to yet another amazing year of Orondo Ruby cherries. This year’s bloom arrived a little earlier than normal, around April 10th. With this, we kept a very close eye on some unusually cold late April nights. Luckily we made it through with no damage.

A common rule of thumb for fruit growers is to plan for harvest approximately 60 to 70 days after the spring bloom. While mother nature is surely in charge, our summer harvest calendars are penciled for mid-to-late June. The very hot temperatures that baked the Wenatchee Valley in early May are perfect growing conditions. Our lovely Orondo Rubycherries soaked up every minute of it.

We’re looking forward to the hustle we all know as harvest season here in Washington’s fruit country. We call it harvest, you call it summer. Each year, we love hearing the stories about how our OrondoRuby cherries were a part of your summer enjoyment. We can’t wait for more - we know you’re thinking the same.

Cheers to cherry season!