Update from the Orchard, April

Spring has arrived in the Wenatchee Valley and with the explosion of beautiful white blossoms in our orchards, it's safe to say Orondo Ruby cherry harvest is around the corner. This year's bloom came early, due to an unseasonably mild winter and as a result, we're expecting an early June harvest. 

While we are excited about Orondo Ruby cherries coming early this year, we first must let the bees do their work. Our bees have been busy pollinating our orchards in Wenatchee and Orondo - one of the most important tasks in orchard country. 

Spring time is an amazing time of year. With the local hills filled with wildflowers and the orchards exploding with beautiful spring blossoms, we're ready for cherry season. Cheers to all things spring and the countdown to the season's first Orondo Ruby cherries!


Thank you for a great 2014 season!

As the Orondo Ruby season comes to an end, we want to take a moment to thank you. With support from loyal customers like you, this season has been a success! We want to welcome our new customers and thank those that have been with us since the beginning. We appreciate all of your positive emails and comments you have sent throughout the season. Each time we hear from you, it makes our day. For example:

Bought your cherries yesterday at Kroger, in Franklin, IN. Just wanted to say that you have the best cherries I have ever eaten.  Soooooo  good and sweet. ~ Mary M.

I found your cherries this past weekend @ Wal-Mart. I have been dying for some cherries and stumbled upon yours. Let me just say that I am HOOKED!!!  By far, hands down, these are the BEST cherries I have ever eaten. Thank you for producing such a great product. You have a lifelong customer. ~Mariah F.

We also would like to thank Chelan Fruit and Chelan Fresh for packing and selling the Orondo Ruby and our retail partners for making the Orondo Ruby available in their stores.

Cheers to another great cherry season! We are already looking forward to next year!



Tracking Down the Orondo Ruby Cherry

Tracking Down the Orondo Ruby Cherry by Real Food Traveler, July 2014

"...a cherry that is both sugar sweet and also tart."

Check out Real Food Travelers blog post about sending their veteran food/travel writer and RFT Ski & Dive Editor Yvette Cardozo to Orondo, Washington, find out what the story is about this new cherry that’s making waves around the country. How do they taste? Can you cook with them? Are they really worth all the buzz?

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Orondo Ruby Cherries: Big, Complex Flavor by Real Food Traveler

Orondo Ruby Cherries: Big Complex Flavor by Real Food Traveler, July 2014

"Well, summer just got a bit sweeter with Orondo Ruby Cherries..."

Check out Real Food Travelers blog post about a blind taste test where the Orondo Ruby stands up to Bing and Rainers!

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Orondo Ruby Bliss by Sarah Murphy-Kangas

Orondo Ruby Bliss by Sarah Murphy-Kangas, In Praise of Leftovers, July 3, 2014

"This time of year, I always find myself so thankful for farmers and so in awe of all the work, care, and risk that puts such bounty on my table."

Check out Sarah's blog post about her trip to Wenatchee. She's also posted a recipe for a delicious salad featuring the Orondo Ruby.

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