Orondo Ruby Review

Our Orondo Ruby® cherry recently received an “A+ Outstanding” rating from a highly trusted consumer tasting panel, placing it in the coveted “Gold Winner’s Circle”. These consumer tasters had high praise for the Orondo Ruby: “Nice Flavor and Great Size”, “Delicious, refreshing, not too tart, and not too sweet”, “Perfect cherry”. Overall the panel appreciated the firmness of the Orondo Ruby, it’s large size and the uniquely balanced sweet/tart flavor profile. We agree completely

The Ruby is only available for a short time so pick them up today at these locations nationwide including our North Central Washington locations at 80 Mc Neil Canyon Rd, Chelan and Chelan IGA store.  

Chelan Fresh is partnering with our friends at the California Walnut Board to promote the Orondo Ruby. Head to our recipe page to see the new recipe from Patty Mastracco that pairs Orondo Ruby cherries and California Walnuts for a unique, out of the ordinary salsa to serve at your next summer event.


Orondo Ruby in Stores Now!

If Orondo Ruby is your new “It” cherry, then the news is good as this cherry is landing in stores near you.  This gorgeous cherry has beautiful red blushed skin, a firm bite, and is bursting with flavor! Don’t wait as this cherry is only around for a few weeks every year and will be gone by mid-July. 

Look for Orondo Ruby at the following locations:
Select Walmart Stores in Arkansas, Tennessee, Texas, Mississippi, Florida, Louisiana, Kentucky, Alabama
New Seasons Market in Oregon
King Soopers in Colorado, New Mexico, Wyoming
Kroger stores in Michigan, Ohio, West Virginia, Kentucky, Indiana, Missouri
Pavilion Foods in Southern California


Coming to a store near you!

Orondo Ruby cherries are landing in a store near you!🍒


Orondo Ruby Harvest

These delightful red blush cherries will soon be harvested in orchards along the banks of the Columbia River. We love their sweet flavor and firm texture! They may be Nature’s Perfect Cherry.


Orondo Ruby 2018 Crop Update

Lovingly grown on the banks of the Columbia River in eastern Washington—where hot summer days and cool river breezes make for perfect growing conditions—Orondo Ruby cherries show gorgeous red-blushed skin, a firm bite and tremendous flavor. Orondo Ruby harvest is less than 20 days away! Look for these beauties in stores soon. 🍒